We Love Our Jenks Sweethearts!

Check out the stories below of people who were brought together at or through Jenks schools and shared their stories with our community of alumni. If you’re interested in submitting your love story, reach out to us at [email protected]

Hunter (Peterson) Sidorakis and Nick Sidorakis

Hi my name is Hunter Sidorakis (Peterson) and my husband, Nick Sidorakis and I met back in 1997 at Jenks Southeast Elementary in the 2nd grade. Not only did we have the same friends at school, but our parents were in the same circle of friends so we were constantly together our whole childhood, and remained best friends with the occasional on and off boyfriend/girlfriend title through our middle school years. 

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Chris Frison (JHS '90) and Lisa Lockwood (JHS '89)

We are true high school sweethearts. I was a way too skinny beanpole sophomore, lured into the wily ways of a cute Junior High Kicker captain.

It was 1988 and Lisa Lockwood needed a date for the Spring Symphony set “Dirty Dancing” party March 11,1988. I was approached by one of the senior varsity Linebackers to ask if I wanted to go to the dance with her… She was too scared to ask herself, so she sent her intimidating ambassador (how could I say no)!

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JoAnn and J.D. Newland

I can not think of a couple who exemplify the meaning of “Jenks Sweethearts” more than JoAnn and J.D. Newland of Jenks. Their story begins and ends in Jenks and everything in between revolves around Jenks. J.D. went through all 12 years of school at the Jenks Schools, only missing 1 day. JoAnn’s family moved to Jenks during the summer preceding her sophomore year of high school. J.D. was one grade ahead of JoAnn, but it did not take long before a romance began. 

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Kristen (Hackbirth) Melancon and Daniel Melancon

We met in 2012 during Daniel’s sophomore year and Kristen’s junior year. Kristen was a calculus tutor and tutored a baseball player that was on the Jenks baseball team with Daniel. Kristen expressed her interest in Daniel during a tutoring session, so the friend gave her Daniel’s number. Kristen never got the courage to text Daniel, but she did go to a baseball game with friends. 

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Melisa (Taylor) Lord and Jim Lord

My husband Jim and I met our Freshmen year at Jenks. We were both in the marching band and officially started dating while on a trip to the Catoosa Marching Festival. Our fondest memories while at Jenks was all our Marching and Concert Festivals we attended. 

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Camryn Edens (JHS '20) and Chase Poston (JHS '20)

My name is Camryn Edens and I graduated Jenks in 2020. I met my boyfriend, Chase Poston, a graduate of 2020 as well during freshman year. We started dating the following year though. Chase and I have been together going on 6 years now. 

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Melissa (Latter) Garner (JHS' 84) and Preston Garner (JHS '82)

Our love story begins when I met Preston 47 years ago. I moved in next door to him and his family. So yes you could say I was the girl next door for a little while until we moved to another house a few blocks away. We walked to school together and then when Preston started driving he would come over and pick me up and drive me to school and sometimes home. 

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Troy Reavis (JHS '96) and Jen (Rath) Reavis (JHS '98)

Troy Reavis and I (Jen Rath, now Jen Reavis) met on the Jenks HS swim team. Troy was swim team captain and I had just moved to Jenks HS as a sophomore from Maryland. Our Jenks memories include homecoming parades, formals, swim meets/State Championships (Coach Turner) and DECA Nationals (Dr Baker and Ms Carlson) where I was president my senior year (alongside Suzanne Smith, now Suzanne Watson). 

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Justin and Shelli Jones (JHS '96)

We are Justin and Shelli Jones, JHS class of 1996.

We met in the 7th grade at the old Jenks Central Middle School and have been married 19 years. We have one daughter named Miriam (a Jenks East Special Education 4th grader), and one silly dog named BeBe.

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Kelly (Clark) Fonkalsrud (JHS '86) and Phil Fonkalsrud (JHS ’86)

My 1986 Jenks Sweetheart and I met on the Jenks Bus… She will tell you what I was wearing getting on that bus describing the exact yellow striped shirt my first day of 5th Grade. Years later we found my First Day 5th grade picture and it was EXACTLY as she described! She has an incredible memory.  She had been a Jenks Lifer since Kindergarten. And I was beginning my First Jenks day as a 5th Grader.  My parents gave my brothers and I the option: continue at Holland Hall or start at Jenks...easy decision! Give up the khakis and start living.


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